MTK Screenlock Code Extract Using Simple Steps

How to extract the screen lock code from an MTK chipset device using CM2/Pandora and Oxygen software.

To read the screen lock code of an MTK chipset device using a CM2/Pandora dump, follow these steps:

  1. Requirements:

    • Pandora or CM2 software
    • Device dump
  2. Read Dump from Device:

    • In Pandora, select "Read Region".
    • In CM2, use "rawtoo".
    • Rename the dump file to "userdata.bin".
  3. Extract Hardware Keys (using Oxygen):

    • Open Oxygen, go to the extractor, and select "MTK Android" > "Extract Hardware Keys".
    • Follow the prompt to connect and reconnect the device in MTK mode.
    • Oxygen will extract the keys, which include:
      • "MTK_HRID"
      • "MTK_SOCID"
      • "MTK_FDEKEY"
      • "MTK_RPMB2KEY"
      • "MTK_CHID"
      • "MTK_ITRUSTEE"
      • "MTK_ME_TD"
      • "MTK_RID"
      • "MTK_CID"
      • "MTK_RPMBKEY"
  4. Prepare Files:

    • Copy "userdata.bin" to Oxygen.
    • Generate a key folder using Oxygen.
  5. Create device.ewc File:

    • Create a file named "device.ewc".
    • Open the file with a text editor (e.g., Notepad++).
    • Insert the following code:

      [BaseInfo] ExtractionEndUtc ExtractionMethod- ExtractionStartUtc- [ExtendedInfo] KeyBagFile-keys.json Partition1File-userdata.bin Partition1Name-userdata PartitionsCount-1
    • Save the file and place it in the Oxygen dumped folder.
  6. Final Folder Structure:

    • Ensure the folder contains:
      • "userdata.bin"
      • "keys.json"
      • "device.ewc"
  7. Ready for Parsing:

    • Your Oxygen project is now manually generated and ready to parse.

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