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MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool: The Best Solution to Unlock FRP on MediaTek Devices

The FRP lock ensures that a thief cannot reset a stolen phone and gain access to the information stored on it. However, if you forget your Google account credentials or if you have bought a second-hand device that is FRP locked, then you need a bypass tool to unlock the FRP. This is where the MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool comes into play.

The MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool is a free tool that can be used to bypass or remove the FRP lock on any MediaTek device. it is easy to use interface come with tool, the benefit of this anyone easily use those tool.

Another great feature of this tool is that it can also remove pattern locks without performing a factory reset. This feature is useful if you have forgotten your pattern lock and don't want to lose your data by performing a factory reset.

MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool is the best Bypass or Unlock Factory Reset Protection tool for MediaTek devices. If you have any MTK device and you have lost your email ID or Password to recover your account, and you want to do a hard factory reset. In this case, we will use the latest MTK FRP Tool to Reset/Bypass/Remove FRP lock. This tool supports any MediaTek Android device.

The tool is completely free you no need to buy or activate it. simply install and run in once click. but this is what I have not tested, if you try this tool then please comment below. tool interface is very nice no difficulty for use, tool support all mtk chips in the description I describe all CPU model number. and stay tuned for a new update…

MCT MediaTek Bypass Tool

If you face a Pattern lock on your device, then this tool will help to fix this without a factory reset. The MTK FRP Tool is the best tool to bypass the MTK Google account verification if you forgot your google account password. This tool bypasses the FRP on any MediaTek device in download mode using SP Flash Tool. So let’s go to the main context and fix the FRP issue on your device.

Android devices provide built-in security features that can be used to protect devices and information, including screen locks and data encryption. Data protection or factory reset protection (FRP) is a security feature on Android devices that comes with Lollipop 5.1 and later version android devices. The FRP lock will remain on your phone until you completely delete your Google Account from your phone. 

However, if you still want to unlock FRP or bypass the FRP lock without removing your Google account, use the MCT MediaTek Bypass Tool for MediaTek devices.

Features MCT MediaTek Bypass Tool: 

MTK Chipset Supported:

  • MT6261
  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6739
  • MT6755
  • MT6757
  • MT6761
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6785
  • MT6799
  • MT6873
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8173
  • MT8695

FRP unlock is not easy on any device but thanks to the MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool developer to build this awesome tool for all MediaTek device users. This is the easiest and simple tutorial to bypass or remove FRP lock for MTK devices. So let’s go below to download MTK_FRP_Tool and the full installation and user guide for you.

How To Use?

  1. First Need to download the tool from the below links
  2. Once you have download the extract tool on desktop or anywhere you need
  3. Now back to the extract the folder and click on the MCT Tool portable exe file as an admin👇
  4. Once the tool is open you need to connect your phone with the tool and select CPU from the tool or set it on auto is detected automatically.
  5. Enjoy!!!

Download Link


If you own a MediaTek device and have forgotten your Google account credentials or have bought a second-hand device that is FRP locked, then the MCT Mediatek Bypass Tool is the best solution for you. MCT Auth is free tool that is easy to use and supports all MediaTek devices. With this tool, you can easily unlock the FRP lock and gain access to your device.

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