Download XTM Z3X MST v2.6.1.4 Cracked ReBirth [FREE] 100% Working

Z3X MST v2.6.1.4 Cracked (Fix Minor Bugs - No Need Activation) By GSMXTEAM

Z3X MST Tool v2.6.1.4 crack is a small application for Windows Computer that allows you to read the connected device information, read the firmware, flash the firmware on the device, format the device, factory reset the device, unlock the pattern or PIN lock from the device, reading or writing the IMEI on the device.


Today we're releasing  Z3X MST v2.6.1.4 as this project is now a dead project which should not cause any harm to the developers, as well as it should also be helpful for some users who still mess around with old phones, also for persons who need to calculate unlock codes for their modems.

Previously, we had this tool released with HWID protection, now we have made a ReBirth with some minor fixes and adjustments without HWID due to previous reports.

It also allows you to Flash Stock firmware on Mediatek and Qualcomm devices. You can easily back up the system dump file and save it as flashable scatter firmware.


  • Generic MT62XX NOR: AUTO
  • Generic MT62XX NAND:AUTO
  • Generic MT62XX NFB:AUTO
  • ZTE X760
  • ZTE X761
  • ZTE X960
  • ZTE GX990
  • ZTE GX991
  • ZTE GR231
  • ZTE TMN5000
  • SFR 341
  • T-Mobile Vairy Touch
  • Orange Vegas
  • Vodafone Indie
  • Nexian G900 (Test)
  • ZTE SFR261
  • ZTE GN281
  • Orange Miami
  • T-Mobile Vairy Touch II
  • LG KP320
  • LG KG190
  • LG KG195
  • LG KG198
  • LG KG200
  • LG KG300
  • LG KP199
  • LG GB170
  • LG GB175
  • LG GB160
  • LG GB160a
  • LG GB160b
  • LG GB161
  • LG GB165
  • LG GB190
  • LG GB190a
  • LG GB190b
  • LG A155
  • LG A165
  • LG GX200
  • LG KM330
  • LG KM335
  • LG KP220
  • FLY LX500
  • Alcatel Crystal
  • Alcatel ELLEN3
  • Alcatel ELLEN5
  • Alcatel ELLEN9
  • Alcatel Lobster-S621
  • Alcatel MD01 (Mandarina Duck)
  • Alcatel MD02 (Mandarina Duck)
  • Alcatel MissSixty
  • Alcatel OT-103
  • Alcatel OT-105
  • Alcatel OT-106
  • Alcatel OT-108
  • Alcatel OT-150
  • Alcatel OT-203
  • Alcatel OT-206
  • Alcatel OT-208
  • Alcatel OT-216
  • Alcatel OT-222
  • Alcatel OT-255
  • Alcatel OT-280
  • Alcatel OT-303
  • Alcatel OT-305
  • Alcatel OT-315
  • Alcatel OT-360
  • Alcatel OT-361
  • Alcatel OT-362
  • Alcatel OT-363
  • Alcatel OT-380
  • Alcatel OT-383
  • Alcatel OT-385
  • Alcatel OT-385J
  • Alcatel OT-505
  • Alcatel OT-508
  • Alcatel OT-530
  • Alcatel OT-600
  • Alcatel OT-606
  • Alcatel VM-202
  • Alcatel OT-660
  • Alcatel OT-708
  • Alcatel OT-800
  • Alcatel OT-802
  • Alcatel OT-808
  • Alcatel OT-880
  • Alcatel OT-C700
  • Alcatel OT-C701
  • Alcatel OT-C707
  • Alcatel OT-C717
  • Alcatel OT-C820
  • Alcatel OT-C825
  • Alcatel OT-S215
  • Alcatel OT-S218
  • Alcatel OT-S319
  • Alcatel OT-S320
  • Alcatel OT-S321
  • Alcatel OT-S520
  • Alcatel OT-S521
  • Alcatel OT-S621
  • Alcatel OT-S626
  • Alcatel OT-V570
  • Alcatel OT-V607
  • Alcatel OT-V670
  • Alcatel OT-V770
  • Alcatel OT-909TSI
  • Alcatel Playboy
  • Alcatel Playboy2
  • Motorola WX160
  • Motorola WX161
  • Motorola WX180
  • Motorola WX181
  • Motorola WX260
  • Motorola WX265
  • Motorola WX280
  • Motorola WX288
  • Motorola WX290
  • Motorola WX295
  • Motorola WX390
  • Motorola WX395
  • Vodafone 345

How To Use?

  1. Download and install the setup installer
  2. Run the shortcut on the desktop
  3. Click start on the loader
  4. Done!


  • Antivirus Users need to add the Installation folder as a Safe Zone.
  • Windows 10 or 8, Users Please set Compatibility. to Windows 7 Only.
  • Now run as, Administrator and enjoy.

File Information:

File Name: Z3X MST v2.6.1.4 Crack - Rebirth Version Uploaded By: Yogesh JoshiFile Size: 40.2 MB


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: Z3X MST v2.6.1.4 is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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