Download Octoplus Samsung Software v4.2.0 - 04.04.2023

Octoplus Samsung Software has released an updated version, v.4.2.0, with enhanced features that will provide users with a better experience. This release notes include several improvements to operations such as Exynos Read Codes and Reset FRP, along with the addition of a new feature: enable ADB option. In addition, the software now supports manual mode options for unsupported models, making it more versatile and accommodating.

The improved Exynos Read Codes operation, compatible with models released in 2021, 2022, and 2023, will make it easier to read codes and obtain information from Samsung devices with Exynos chips. Additionally optimized, the Reset FRP operation now supports the most recent security updates, making sure that the software is secure and up-to-date.

The new enable ADB option is a significant addition to the Octoplus Samsung Software. Now Octoplus new update allows users to install the apk via ADB Mode with one click. The enable ADB option will work with all security patches, making it more accessible and versatile.

Additionally, the new manual mode option is designed for users who have an unsupported model. The general option for the platform can be selected, such as General_Exynos, General_MTK, General_Qualcomm, and General_Spreadtrum. This mode enables users to perform operations on unsupported devices, giving them more control and flexibility.

The Octoplus Samsung Software v.4.2.0 update is a significant upgrade, offering new features and enhancements that will make it easier for users to operate and maintain their Samsung devices. The tool offers a lot of functions for your Samsung mobile which helps users to fix their Android device which only a few clicks.

What's new

  • Improved Exynos Read Codes operation (2021, 2022, 2023).
  • Improved Reset FRP operation (supported latest security patches).
  • Added enable ADB option, which works with all security patches.
  • Added a manual mode option, if an unsupported model is connected, you can try to perform the operation by selecting the general option for the platform:
    • General_Exynos
    • General_MTK
    • General_Qualcomm
    • General_Spreadtrum

Download Link:-

  • Octoplus Samsung Software v4.2.0 - Download


The Octoplus Samsung Software has released a new version with a plethora of features and improvements that will enhance your experience. From the improved Exynos Read Codes and Reset FRP operation to the addition of the enable ADB option and manual mode, the software offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of all users. Try the new version today and see how it can make your Samsung device management more efficient and effective.

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