iRevive 1.1 Free Passcode backup icloud bypass for ios 12-16 Untethered , Signal , icloud login

iRevive is a passcode bypass tool specifically designed for iOS devices running on versions 12 to 16. Users may use the device and remove the passcode using this tool. iRevive Use only for educational purposes does not make any illegal activity. To use iRevive on macOS, follow the steps outlined below.

Download the Palera1n loader ipa: Palera1n.ipa. This loader is necessary for the bypass process.

Note: Be cautious while downloading files from external sources. Make sure to scan them for any potential security threats.

If you find iRevive helpful, you have the option to donate to the developer by visiting the "buy me coffee" link provided.

How Does iRevive Work?

iRevive utilizes multiple patches to boot the iOS device. During the first run, it initiates a ramdisk, which dumps the onboard blob, creates a fakefs (semi-tethered mode), installs the loader app, and patches the device's kernel.

Installation on macOS:

Install the Dependencies of Silver required for iRevive. You can find them at:
Select the folder with the file that was downloaded in the Terminal by opening it.

Run the following commands in the Terminal:

  • sudo xattr -r /Applications/
  • sudo xattr -rd /Applications/
  • sudo xattr -d /Applications/
  • sudo xattr -r /Applications/
  • chmod 755 /Applications/
Open the iRevive app by going to the Applications folder.

For iOS 12-14, click on "Start Checkra1n." For iOS 15-16, click on "Start Palera1n." This will initiate the jailbreaking process.

Once the device is successfully jailbroken, click on "Bypass iOS 12-16" to bypass the passcode.

If the steps provided above do not help you, you can try the following other Python 3 method:

Install the Dependencies of Silver for iRevive by visiting:

Open the Terminal and navigate to the directory where iRevive was downloaded.

Run the following commands in the Terminal:

  • git init -b main
  • sudo xattr -rd ./*
  • sudo xattr -d ./*
  • sudo chmod 755 ./*

Navigate to the "device" folder inside the iRevive directory and run the last three commands mentioned above again.

Run the following command in the Terminal to start using the app, then return to the iRevive directory: in Python 3.

Click on "Start Checkra1n" for iOS 12-14 or "Start Palera1n" for iOS 15-16 after the app launches.

Once the device is jailbroken, click on "Bypass iOS 12-16" to bypass the passcode.

Remember to save the activation files and restore them after performing an iTunes restore to ensure the device functions properly.

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What's New in iRevive v1.1:

The latest release of iRevive, version 1.1, includes the following updates:

  • Fixed connecting issues that users may have encountered.
  • Added detection to verify if files were successfully saved during the process.
  • Included a readme file for easier reference and guidance.

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