VIVO Y91, Y93, Y95, Y11 Dead After Remove Pattern or FRP (Fix Via USB Only)

Vivo Y91 Dead After Opening Pattern: Quick Solution with USB Only

As with some compatible phones like the Y93, Y95, Y11, and Qcom, the Vivo Y91 may have a problem where the device does not respond after opening the pattern lock. The Flash Mode EDL 9008 tool may help in recovering the device in such a situation. This post will guide you through how to easily and quickly solve this issue.

Step 1: Entering Flash Mode EDL 9008:
Your Vivo Y91 or one of the above compatible devices needs to have Flash Mode EDL 9008 enabled before you can continue. This mode enables flashing and other advanced functions by allowing a few levels of connection with the device. You can follow below steps:

  • Ensure that your device is powered off.
  • Connect the USB cable to your computer but keep it disconnected from your Vivo Y91.
  • Open the Flash Mode EDL 9008 tool on your computer.

Step 2: Running the Application:
Once you have entered Flash Mode EDL 9008, you can proceed with the following steps:

  • Launch the application designed for resolving unauthorized Tag issues on Vivo Y91.
  • In the application, locate and select the port associated with your device.
  • For the start of the patching process, click the "Patch" button.

Step 3: Successful Patch Notification: 
After applying the patch, look out for a notification that the patch was successful. You can move on to the following step after getting the above message.

Step 4: Closing the Application and Flashing the Device:
With the successful patch notification, you can now close the application that was used for patching. Afterward, you can proceed to flash your Vivo Y91 using another tool such as Qfil or any Qualcomm flashing tool of your choice. Follow the instructions provided by the specific tool to complete the flashing process.

Download Link

Flash Tool - QFIL


It can be difficult when the Vivo Y91 becomes not respond after opening the pattern lock. But you can easily perform your device by following the instructions given in this article. Be sure to run the application to fix the unauthorized Tag issue after using the Flash Mode EDL 9008 tool, and then continue flashing using another proper tool. You may recover your Vivo Y91 and get it back in working order by following the instructions below.


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: Flash Enable Tool VIVO Y91, Y93, Y95, Y11 is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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