Download IL Protector Unpacker V1.4 (FREE)

ILProtector is a popular obfuscation tool that programmers use to shield their NET programs from hacking and unauthorized access. The Located Language (IL) code is obfuscated using a number of methods, making it hard for attackers to read and change the original program functionality. But an ILProtector unpacker is needed by people who need to look into or change IL-protected tools.

The ILProtector unpacker script will be talked about in this article with a focus on versions to, which were released on May 16, 2020, and may be used to unpack IL-protected programs. Michidu received a special thank you from us for their work on this script.

ILProtector is known for its powerful obfuscation methods, which include, many others, string encryption, control flow obfuscation, and name obfuscation. These methods are designed to make it difficult for future attackers to analyze what's happening. The original IL code can be restored if we use an unpacker script to undo these obfuscations.

I am going to show an ILProtector unpacker script that was created specifically for versions to, which were made available on May 16, 2020. Because of the reason that ILProtector's obfuscation methods may be different and improve over time, they may not be applicable to later versions.

You will need access to the IL-protected assembly and an understanding of .NET programming to be able to use the ILProtector unpacker script. To unpack an IL-protected program, take the instructions below:

  • ILProtector unpacker script can be downloaded here: The Michidu script is available on the below link.
  • Run the script for the unpacker: The IL Protector comes with CLI Interface you have to click on the exe file to run the Unpacker.
  • Drag and Drop: Next, you have to drag and drop the target file on "ILProtectorUnpacker.exe". It takes some seconds to complete the unpacking process and create a new exe file.

Download Link

  • IL Protector Unpacker Tool (FREE) - Download


Since ILProtector is a powerful obfuscation tool used to secure.NET projects, it is possible to undo the obfuscations and recover the original IL code with the help of an ILProtector unpacker script. Developers and analysts can look at and modify IL-protected programs using the script we detailed in this article, which was created specifically for versions to When using such tools, keep in mind to always follow software licenses and terms of service.

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