MagicCFG Windows 2023 V1.2

MagicCFG With Windows, you can read, write, and recover important data on Apple devices. Similar to the original Mac version, it is easy to use and works on Windows. several more features not included in the original edition, MagicCFG Windows allows you to enter diagnostic mode on your device without the need to install extra software.

What's new

New functions and issue fixes have been added to MagicCFG for Windows OS version 1.2, which is Such as unbinding WiFi, repairing CPID boot diagnostic issue (0x8003), and better device reading in purple mode.

How to change iPhone S/N on Windows

Get MagicCFG Windows here:

Download the most recent MagicCFG for Windows version from the official website.

The ZIP file should be extracted.

Extract the ZIP file to your Desktop or another suitable location after it has finished downloading.

Go into DFU Mode:

Start the DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode on your iPhone or iPad. Depending on the model of your device, you can accomplish this by pressing a set of key combinations.

Link up your iDevice:

Use a USB cord to link your iPhone or iPad to your Windows computer. Verify that it is linked correctly.

Regarding the DCSD Cable, note:

A DCSD cable is required if you're using devices other than A10 to A11 CPUs. A10 to A11 processors do not require a DCSD cable.

Get MagicCFGWin.exe open:

After extracting the folder, open it and launch MagicCFGWin.exe.

Put yourself in Diag Mode:

Click the "Enter Diag Mode" option in the MagicCFG application. Your linked device's diagnostic mode should now be activated.

Save Information on Devices:

Make sure you have backed up all of your device's crucial data before continuing. In order to avoid any data loss during the serial number-changing process, this step is essential.

Put the new serial number here:

You will be able to enter a new iPhone serial number (SN) once you are in diagnostic mode. Enter the desired serial number in the field that MagicCFGWin.exe has selected.

Enter a New Serial Number Here:

Once the new serial number has been entered, click "Write" or a similar button to validate and implement the changes.

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