Android Utility Tool v114 -(No Smart Card Edition) New Features and Enhancements

Android Utility Tool Version 114 - No Smart Card Need (Box, Dongle Not Need)

The Android Utility Tool continues its journey of excellence with the release of version 114. This improvement which comes loaded with features and advantages relates to its dedication to offering useful options for Android customers. We will look at the interesting updates that come with the most recent version of the Android Utility Tool in this article.

Expanded Qualcomm Functionality:

One of the highlights of Android Utility Tool v114 is the expanded Qualcomm capabilities. Users can now leverage the power of diagnostics mode to perform tasks such as Read DevINFO, Read QCN (Qualcomm Calibration Network), and Write QCN. 

LG Browser Activation:

Android Utility Tool v114 introduces a unique feature for LG devices. Users can now activate the browser on LG devices via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) using the LG Serial PORT. 

Compatibility Testing on LG Reflect TracFone:

The Android Utility Tool v114 has been rigorously tested on the LG Reflect TracFone, specifically the LGL555DL model with MTK (MediaTek) architecture. 

Features Android Utility Tool:

MediaTek [BootROM]:-

  • Disable Auth
  • Dump Preloader
  • Crash Preloader To Brom
  • Reboot AT Mode
  • Reboot Factory Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot Mode
  • Read Device Info [BootROM]
  • (eMMC/UFS) Health Check [BootROM]
  • Read (eMMC/UFS)[USER_SECTION] Dump (USB) [16MB] 
  • Write (eMMC/UFS)[USER_SECTION] Dump (USB)
  • Redmi 6A (cactus) Unlock Bootloader
  • Xiaomi 11T (agate) Unlock Bootloader
  • Xiaomi 111 (agate) Re-Lock Bootloader
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarro) Unlock Bootloader 
  • Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (pissarro) Re-Lock Bootloader
  • LGE New SEC Force BRom (FM)
  • VIVO New SEC Readinfo (FM)
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Force BRom
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Exit BRom
  • VIVO (MT6771/MT6765) Remove Demo


  • Main Partition MGR
  • Reboot META
  • Read META Info
  • Dump NV Regions (META)
  • Dump EXT_CSD (META)
  • EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset - META
  • Factory Reset - META (OPPO F5 + VIVO)
  • Factory Reset - META (VIVO) [Y15/Y30]
  • Factory Reset - META - (RbFs) [Rebuild USRDATA]
  • Gen FRP PKG (META)
  • Write FRP PKG (META)
  • Read NVRAM (META)
  • Write NVRAM (META)
  • Unlock Network (META)
  • Don't USE MODEM API (MD) - [AP] only.

Partition MGR:

  • Insert partition name (nvram, system, para, etc).
  • Format PART (META)
  • Read PART (META)
  • Write PART (META)
  • Dump PGPT (META)

MediaTek [Huawei]:-

  • Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Force BRom
  • Huawei Y9A (FRL-L22) Exit BRom
  • Honor X6 (VNE-LX2) Force BRom
  • Honor X6 (VNE-LX2) Exit BRom

Android [Main]:-

  • ADB Read Info
  • ADB Reboot to Fastboot
  • ADB Reboot to EDL
  • ADB FRP Bypass
  • Fastboot Read Info
  • Fastboot Flash Partition
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • Xiaomi Enable Diag (ADB)
  • Install APK (Adb)
  • Generic Fastboot Factory Reset
  • Generic Fastboot G-Lock Wipe Disable Payjoy APP (ADB)
  • Wipe NVRAM_NVDATA (Fastboot)
  • Huawei Normal To Upgrade
  • Vivo Demo Remove (MT6877T)
  • Vivo Demo Remove (AT)
  • RealME (Wireless Test Assistant mode) Disable

Android [Tools]:-

  • Decode Android (gesture.key) [Android 6-] 
  • Decode Android (conatcts.db) to [VCF Card]

Android [Firmware utlis]:-

  • Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
  • Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK)
  • Extract [OPPO/Realme] ROM (MTK + QCOM) (.ofp..ozip)
  • Extract LG ROM (.kdz)
  • Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)
  • Extract RedMagic (payload.bin)
  • Extract Spreadtrum/UniSoC (pac)
  • Extract MTK Preloader from (BOOT1&LUNO)
  • Extract Super IMG
  • MTK PGPT to Scatter (eMMC)
  • MTK Scatter to PGPT (eMMC)
  • Parse MTK Preloader
  • Parse MTK DA

Android [Ext4/F2FS Eplorer]:-

  • Convert Ext4 Sparse IMG
  • Click to load Et4 IMG here

Samsung [Main]:-

  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Samsung F-Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung Read Info (MTP)
  • Samsung Reboot to (DM)
  • Samsung Read Info (DM)

Samsung [MediaTek]:

  • Samsung MTK Force BRom - BL (DM) 
  • Samsung MTK Force BRom - PGPT (DM) 
  • Samsung [SM-G532F] Force BRom (FM) 
  • Samsung [SM-G532F] Boot Repair
  • Samsung [SM-A2268-85] Boot Repair 
  • Samsung [SM-A326U-B7] Boot Repair 
  • Samsung [SM-A326U-B8] Boot Repair 
  • Samsung MTK Rebulid PMT (DM) 
  • Samsung MTK Exit BRom (FM)
  • Samsung switch (SEC CTRL FLAG) to (-1) [UBL/DBG]
  • Samsung [SM-A037F-B2] KG Locked Unlock Bootloader (FM) Samsung [SM-A037F-B2] KG Locked Block Hosts (FM) 
  • Samsung [SM-A037F) Patch KG(01) to (11).
  • Samsung [SM-A037F-B2] Boot Repair
  • Samsung [SM-A037U-B3] Boot Repair

Samsung [UniSoC]:-

  • Samsung UniSoC Unlock Bootloader (FB)
  • Samsung UniSoC A03 (A035F) Boot Repair (FM) 
  • Samsung UniSoC A03 LA (A035M) Boot Repair (FM) 
  • Samsung UniSoC A03 (A035G) Boot Repair (FM)
  • Samsung UniSoC A03 Core (A032F) Boot Repair (FM) 
  • Samsung UniSoC (A035F) Exit BRom (FM/FDL)
  • Samsung UniSoC (A035F) Force BRom (DM)
  • Samsung UniSoC ReLock Bootloader (FB)
  • Samsung UniSoC A03 Core LA (A032M) Boot Repair (FM)
  • Samsung UniSoC Write PAC file


  • Patch XXiaomi Qualcomm MI Account Lock 
  • Convert Qualcomm Full Dump to RawProgram XML

Huawei [Dload Flasher ]:-

  • (Spreadtrum/UniSoC) Write PAC file [FM] 
  • (Spreadtrum/UniSoC) Read Info [DIAG]
  • (Spreadtrum/UniSoC) Wipe Data [DIAG]

What's new

Android Utility - [v114.00.𝟙𝟜𝟞𝟠:04:08:2023] :
Android Utility - [v114.00.𝟙𝟜𝟠𝟚:04:08:2023] No Smart Card Edition (Limited):
Changelog :
⦿ added Qualcomm (Read DevINFO/Read QCN/Write QCN) via Diagnostics mode.
⦿ added LG activate browser via MTP (LG Serial PORT).
⦿ tested on LG Reflect TracFone - LGL555DL (MTK).

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
  3. Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
  4. Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
  5. Run the "AndroidUtility.exe"
  6. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  7. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  8. Enjoy !!!


- Please do not discuss the decision made on operating the device in the presence of a smart card, the decision is well thought-out, and any software engineer does not own at least one Dongle or Box or any paid device, and depends on cracks and free tools only, needs to review himself, and know that we as software developers work very hard to bring you up. Qualities that work with the push of a button - long years of tiredness, effort, pressure, and, and.
- The situation has been assessed for technicians who use paid software and depend on digital licenses such as:
(Chimera - DFT - Unlock Tool, etc.)
- So I made a temporary version that works with you for the end of this month without a smart card, and the properties of the last 3 versions of them were deleted - (v112,v113,v114), the feature of Samsung devices formats via download mode, and Qualcomm tab features either EDL or Diag until the decision is reviewed, and I find a solution for technicians working on the tools mentioned above, APIs is possible to check the license or any other solution.
- One last note, the tool is free and will always be free because I see the features in it do not form 5% of the features I currently add to my paid company tool, which will be available for public use later, and of course, it is very much noted that I use this tool as a promotional tool and preview only for the program to me My team is working, the tool may not be very stable, but first and last, it is a free tool, I work hard and offer you a service for free, and the people who try to support me and tell me about it for a paid tool, I will be grateful if you later subscribe to the basic tool.
- I noticed that there are people who got used to the tool and didn't like the decision - and they don't appreciate the effort I put in to bring you 113 copies continuously over 3 years, it has more than 70 buttons and a feature, every feature I followed in its development in the past years, and I wrote millions of software lines to let you know Stable properties on the final front - and you consider the subject a deserved right, I do not ask you for anything in return, all that I ask from you if you do not appreciate the effort, be respectful and in your own way.

Download Links:

  • Android Utility Tool V114 - Without Smart Card || Download
Password - softwarecrackguru
  • Android Utility Tool V114 - With Smart Card || Download


With the release of Android Utility Tool v114, users could get a better experience when it comes to maintaining and optimizing their Android devices. Thanks to enhanced Qualcomm capability, users now have access to more comprehensive diagnostic and calibration capabilities. The utility tool's capabilities are increased by the LG browser activation function, which gives users more control over LG products. To ensure that they interact seamlessly with certain devices, these functions are extensively tested on the LG Reflect TracFone, assuring dependable and efficient performance.

Users might look forward to further updates as Android Utility Tool continues to develop and create new ideas, which is likely to result in the release of even more new features and enhancements. Version 114 is currently a reminder of the utility tool's belief in excellence and continuous dedication to meeting the various requirements of Android users everywhere.


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: Android Utility Tool is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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