Download Odin CFG Tool V1.0 for Windows

Odin CFG Tool V1.0 for Windows - Tool for iOS Device Repair and Optimization

Odin CFG Tool V1.0 is a free and easy-to-use Windows application that can be used to repair and optimize various aspects of iOS devices. This tool can help you no issue whether you have hardware- or software-related problems.

Main Features

Basic Repair Options

  • iPWNDFU: This feature allows you to enter DFU mode, which is necessary for restoring or updating your iOS device.
  • Enter Diag Mode: Diag Mode is a special mode on iPhone and iPad devices, which allows users to fix many software issues identify and fix.
  • Port Select and Connect: This feature allows you to select the port to which your device is connected, in the tool you can find the connect button once you have displayed the com port you can click on the "Connect" button.
  • Read SysCFG: This feature allows users to read SysCFG Data with one click.
  • Backup SysCFG: This feature allows you to back up SysCFG Data completely with Single Click.
  • Restore SysCFG Backup: This feature allows you to restore your device's SysCFG data from a backup.
  • Flash Template: Preconfigured Data: Using this option, you can send preconfigured data to your device for use in improving or fixing problems.

Advanced Repair Options

  • Unbind/Unlock WiFi: These features can be used to troubleshoot WiFi-related issues.
  • iCloud Unlock: This feature can be used to unlock an iCloud-locked device.
  • Fix JP Camera A5-A9+: This feature can be used to fix camera problems on specific iPhone models.
  • Reboot iDevice: This option allows you to reboot your device quickly.
  • Factory Reset Device: This option allows you to factory reset your device like you can flash your iDevice.
  • Fix Facetime (e.g. UAE): This feature allows you to format your device's NAND storage.

Extra Features

  • Disable Driver Signature
  • COM Drive Repair
  • Driver Repair
  • Device Manager


A wide range of iOS devices can be repaired and optimized with the flexible and strong Odin CFG Tool V1.0. any of your stage of knowledge, this tool has something to offer you. Anyone who has an iOS device will find the Odin CFG Tool V1.0 to be a useful tool thanks to its long feature set and easy-to-use interface.

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