Download ZeroKnox Removal Tool V1.0 For KG & FRP

ZeroKnox Removal Tool - A Simple Way to Remove KG Lock and FRP Bypass

ZeroKnox Removal Tool is a small program for Windows computers that allows users to unlock KG Lock and bypass FRP lock with just one click. The tool works by enabling USB debugging from the test mode code (#0#). If the code does not work, then you may have an issue with the tool.

The tool comes with a complete guide on how to unlock KG Lock in 4 steps. You can also find some extra features, such as screen size fixes, restore, or activate. If you need to use the KnoxGuard patch, you will need to root your device.

Features of ZeroKnox Removal Tool

  • Enable ADB
  • Factory reset
  • Reboot download mode
  • Reset FRP (ADB mode) using MTP mode
  • Bypass Knox
  • KG Lock removal (using step 1 to step 4 button clicks)
  • Screen size: fix, restore, fix activate
  • KnoxGuard patch (needs root): Factory reset allowed, update/reflash not allowed

How to use the ZeroKnox Removal Tool

  1. Download the tool from the link below.
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Open the folder.
  4. Run the "ZeroKnox Removal.exe" file as administrator.
  5. Once the tool is open, connect your device to your PC.
  6. First, factory reset your device.
  7. Next, go to the emergency dialer and enable test mode using the code "#0#".
  8. Now, enable ADB mode.
  9. If you are stuck with KG Lock, click on the Step 1 button. Once the Step 1 process is complete, click on Step 2, then Step 3, and lastly Step 4 button. Once the process is completed, your device will reboot in normal mode.

Download Link

Note: If your device is in a locked condition, please first factory reset it using the tool. If that does not work, then try going to recovery mode and try again.

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