Miracle Power Tool V3.5 Released (13 October 2023)

Miracle Power Tool V3.5 Released (13 October 2023)

Miracle Power Tool is a powerful mobile phone servicing tool that supports a wide range of devices and features. The latest version, V3.5, was released on October 13, 2023, and includes a number of new features and improvements.

What's New in Miracle Power Tool V3.5

  • Automatic Intelligent Mode Support Infinite Models: This new feature allows Miracle Power Tool to automatically detect the device model and select the appropriate settings, making it easier to use for beginners.
  • New MDM Reset Feature for Infinix / Tecno / iTel: This feature allows you to reset the MDM (mobile device management) settings on Infinix, Tecno, and iTel devices. This can be useful if you have a device that is locked to a specific carrier or if you need to remove MDM restrictions.
  • Improved Boot and Format Functions: The boot and format functions in Miracle Power Tool have been improved to make them more reliable and efficient.
  • Removal of Vivo/Infinix Old Method: The old method for servicing Vivo and Infinix devices has been removed from Miracle Power Tool V3.5. All Vivo and Infinix devices are now serviced using the new preloader mode.
  • New UNISOC Features: Miracle Power Tool V3.5 also includes a number of new features for UNISOC devices, including RPMB read/write/format (AUTH method), read RPMB counter when read/write/format, and improved AUTH bypass function.

Support in Preloader and BROM Mode

  • Infinix Hot 10
  • Infinix Hot 10 Play
  • Infinix Hot 11
  • Infinix Hot 11S
  • Infinix Hot 12
  • Infinix Hot 12i
  • Infinix Hot 20i
  • Infinix Hot 30i
  • Infinix Hot 9
  • Infinix Note 11 Pro
  • Infinix Note 11S
  • Infinix Note 12
  • Infinix Note 12i
  • Infinix Smart 4 Plus
  • Infinix Smart 6 Plus
  • Tecno Camon 11
  • Tecno Camon 11 Pro
  • Tecno Camon 12
  • Tecno Camon 12 Air
  • Tecno Camon 12 Pro
  • Tecno Camon 15
  • Tecno Camon 15 Air
  • Tecno Camon 15 Pro
  • Tecno Camon 16
  • Tecno Camon 16 Pro
  • Tecno Pop 6 Pro
  • Tecno Pop 7 Pro
  • Tecno Spark 10 Pro
  • Tecno Spark 3
  • Tecno Spark 4
  • Tecno Spark 4 Lite
  • Tecno Spark 5
  • Tecno Spark 6
  • Tecno Spark 7
  • Tecno Spark 8T
  • Tecno Spark 9T
  • Tecno Spark Go

How to Update to Miracle Power Tool V3.5

To update to Miracle Power Tool V3.5, simply download the latest version from the Miracle Power Tool website and install it over your existing installation.

Download Link


Miracle Power Tool V3.5 is a significant update that includes a number of new features and improvements. If you are a mobile phone technician, I highly recommend updating to the latest version.

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