UMT Dongle Unisoc Module Free Download [Latest Version] [2024]

UMT Box/PRO Unisoc SPRD Module v0.9 Released - [16/04/2024]

UMT / UMT Pro Unisoc Module v0.9 has been released with support for ZTE V30(9030) and various Itel phones. New features include using custom loaders when flashing firmware, ITEL/TECNO/INFINIX RSA boot authorization for 2022 phones, improved Motorola RSA boot authorization, faster PAC firmware flashing, reading phone UID, writing NVRAM, removing Realme regional lock, and removing MDM lock (beta). Security backup/restore, Sim Unlock for phones with Simlock 4, and Nokia T10 loader fixes are also included.

UMT Dongle Unisoc Module Free Download [Latest Version] [2024]


UMT Unisoc Tool 0.8 What's new!

New Security CPUs Supported
The update supports the following CPUs for operations such as removing FRP, backup and restoring NVRam, reading and writing firmware, resetting userdata, bootloader unlock, and reading and writing RPMB:

  • SC7731E
  • SC9820E
  • SC9832E
  • SC9863A
  • Tiger T310 (UMS312)
  • Tiger T606
  • Tiger T610 (UMS512)
  • Tiger T612 (UMS9230)
  • Tiger T616
  • Tiger T700
  • SC9863A_64
  • T606v2 (Tiger T606 Ver2)
  • T610v2 (Tiger T610 (UMS512) Ver2)
  • T616v2 (Tiger T616 Ver2)
Users can select the CPU manually if the model is not listed or fails using the old method.

New Phone Models Supported
The update also adds support for the following phone models from Samsung, Telstra, Itel, and Hyundai:

Samsung A8 Tab Sm-X205
Telstra Essential Plus 2 sc9863a
Itel A49, V51 LTE (L5007), A18 (A512W), Vision 1+ (L6005)
Hyundai E506, E603, E485

The supported functions for these models include:

  • Read info
  • Wipe phone
  • Format userdata
  • Reset frp
  • Backup and restore security
  • Backup and restore firmware
  • Diag mode functions
  • Sim unlock
  • Improved Functions

The update also improves some existing functions, such as:

  • Read and write RPMB
  • Sim unlock processing (fixed bug with Simlock type 4)
  • Read firmware (added possibility to select manually partitions to read)

UMT Unisoc Tool 0.9 What's new!

[16/04/2024] UMT / UMT Pro Unisoc Module v0.9 Released


  • ZTE
  • ZTE V30(9030) - T618 CPU

- Supported read info, factory format, FRP, backup/restore security, backup/restore firmware, and Diag mode functions.
-- Sim Unlock is not supported yet for this phone.

  • S16 Pro-Vision 2 (L6503)
  • Vision 2s (P651L)
  • Vision 3 (S661L)
  • Vision 5 (S663LC)
  • Vision 2S (P681L)
  • S15 Pro (L6002P)
  • Vision 3 (S661LN)
  • A05s (A663L)
  • P40 (P662L)
  • S18 Pro (S662L)
  • A60s (A662LM)
  • A70 (A665L)
  • P36 Pro
  • Vision 1 Pro(L6502)
  • A26(A571L)
  • A49 Play(A631L)
  • A60(A662L)
  • A21
  • A40
  • A41
  • A24 Pro(A511LP2)
  • A23S(A511LQ)
  • Vision 3(A632W)
  • A60(A662L)


Boot info, remove FRP, wipe, format userdata, erase all, remove sim lock,
backup/restore firmware, unlock bootloader, and Diag mode functions.

Also Added:

1. Added to use custom loader on flashing firmware.
The user can load a custom loader on flashing firmware (pac or read firmware) and the exe will ask to confirm this.
Can be useful for phones that can't be booted with the default loader from the PAC file.

2. Added ITEL/TECNO/INFINIX RSA boot authorization for year 2022 Phones.
Exe will detect auto such phones and will try to perform authorization.
Is supported for flashing PAC files, selecting custom loader so on.
Phones with the new version (2024 RSA) are not supported yet.
Authorization is offline and not need internet for this.

3. Improved Motorola RSA boot authorization for supported phones.
Added possibility to flash Pac file using original loader that requests authorization.

4. Improved flash PAC firmware for supported phones(using new protocol must perform flashing more fast).

5. Added read phone UID (sc9832e, sc7731e,sc9863a).

- Must be used before using Sim Unlock for phones with Simlock 4 security algo.
Before performing Sim Unlock, read phone UID, after can be performed operation.

6. Added write NVRAM (protect calibration or skip calibration) on flashing firmware using generic loaders.

7. Added Realme Remove Regional Lock for supported by exe models.
- Was added 2 types of lock, for old and new firmware versions.

8. Added as beta function to remove MDM lock, the function is supported only by generic loaders listing.
Some models can not support this function.


1. Fixed security backup/security restore using generic loaders for supported CPU.
Now must restore NVRAM ok.

2. Fixed sSimlock for phones with Simlock 4 using generic loaders(sc9832e, sc7731e,sc9863a).

3. Fixed Nokia T10 loader (reported by users)

Download Link

  • File name: UMT UniSoc Module V0.9 (Latest)
  • File Size: 127 MB
  • File Type: EXE
  • Developer: UMT/UMTPRO
  • Source: Official Channel (Telegram)
  • Free or Paid: Free
  • Download Link: UMT UniSoc Module V0.9 (Latest)
  • Previous Version: UMT UniSoc Module V0.8
  • Password: UmtTeam

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