Bifrost : Samsung Firmware Downloader 2023

Bifrost - Samsung Firmware Downloader 2023

In the world of Samsung firmware downloaders, Bifrost emerges as a distinctive player, offering a range of features that set it apart from its counterparts. While its primary function is to download firmware for Samsung devices, it brings a unique cross-platform compatibility, a sleek graphical interface, and continuous updates that enhance the user experience.

Features Bifrost :

Cross-Platform Versatility

One of Bifrost's standout features is its cross-platform compatibility. It seamlessly operates on Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Android. This versatility ensures that users can access the downloader regardless of their preferred operating system, providing a unified experience across diverse platforms.

Unified User Interface

Bifrost boasts a graphical program with a shared user interface (UI) across all supported platforms. This shared UI design enhances user familiarity and simplifies the learning curve when switching between different operating systems. The consistent interface contributes to a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Kotlin-Powered Functionality

Bifrost's functionality is primarily based on Samloader, but it takes a unique approach by utilizing Kotlin, a modern programming language, to enhance performance and efficiency. The Python code of Samloader has been converted to Kotlin and optimized to leverage some of Kotlin's advanced features.

Jetpack Compose and Multiplatform Development

Bifrost utilizes Jetpack Compose, JetBrains Compose for Desktop, and Kotlin Multiplatform to create a shared codebase for all supported platforms. This approach streamlines the development process, making it more efficient and enabling simultaneous updates across different operating systems.

How to install it

  • Windows
  • Extract the release ZIP for Windows.
  • Locate "Bifrost.exe" and launch it. If issues arise, try launching as Administrator.

  • Extract the release ZIP for Linux.
  • Find "Bifrost" and open a terminal in this location.
  • Enter chmod +x Bifrost and then ./Bifrost.

  • Extract the release ZIP and open the DMG.
  • Move "" to the Applications folder.
  • Launch the app.


Changes and Enhancements
- Fix downloads for models without hyphens or with lowercase characters.
- macOS builds fully signed and notarized.
- Option to allow lowercase characters in text fields.
- Persist model/region/firmware/manual values across app restarts.
- Various bug fixes and improvements for the desktop.
- Bug fixes and enhancements, including native ARM64 macOS build.
- Added Bugsnag error reporting.
- Additional CSCs (Consumer Software Customization).
- Fix for version checking preventing downloads.
1.14.0- Avoid a crash when parsing Patreon supporters fails.
- CSC picker dialog for easier selection.
- Material You icon for Android 12+.
- UI tweaks and improvements.
1.13.1- Fix crashes and UI issues on Android.
- History view now uses LazyVerticalStaggeredGrid.
- Upgrade to Kotlin 1.8.0 and Compose 1.3.x.
- Dynamic theming for Android, Windows, and macOS.
- Move to Material Design 3.
- Show loading indicator when fetching version info.
- Various fixes and updates.
- Allow continuing download if Bifrost detects a version mismatch.
- Improve version mismatch checking.
- Various UI improvements.
- Work on native macOS version.
- Update dependencies.

- Add an option for manual firmware input with warnings.
- Bifrost verifies requested firmware matches served firmware.
- Better error handling and fixes.
- Native ARM64 macOS build.
- Update dependencies for improved performance and stability.
- Resizable content for the on-screen keyboard on Android.
- Implement localization framework.
- Russian translation added.
- Use OpenGL renderer on Windows.
- Update to Kotlin 1.7.0.
- Add Thai translation.
- Fix issues with operations getting stuck/hanging.
- Add more animations and UI improvements.
- Create initial Compose versions for web and macOS native.
- Update dependencies for enhanced functionality.
- Resize content for the on-screen keyboard on Android.
- Implement a localization framework.
- Add Russian translation.
- Use OpenGL renderer on Windows.
- Update dependencies for improved stability.
- Extract strings to variables for better management.
- Fix errors when verifying served firmware.
- Clean up code for better readability.
- Update dependencies for optimized performance.
- Make version comparison more reliable for manual mode.
- Implement a horizontal pager on Android for swiping between views.
- Re-enable manual firmware input with warnings.
- Code cleanup and optimization.
- Implement a horizontal pager on Android.
- Update Compose and Kotlin for the latest features.
- Re-enable manual firmware input.
- Rename to Bifrost with updated icons and colors.
- Fix up about dialog for macOS.
- Initial release of Bifrost.

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