(Reborn) VG Tool 3.1 With Keygen Free Download 2023

VG Tool 3.1 With Keygen FREE Download -2023

VG Tool 3.1 helps unlock bootloaders, bypass FRP locks, remove user locks, and perform factory resets on various smartphones. It supports Qualcomm-based Xiaomi devices, many Vivo and Realme models, some Oppo phones, and Huawei models with ADB functions. It also works with MediaTek devices for specific tasks. Besides brand-specific features, it offers general functions like device info check, reboot, and factory reset. You can choose the function and follow the on-screen instructions for your device.


VG Tool 3.1 provides the ability to unlock the bootloader in Qualcomm-based Xiaomi devices using Fastboot Bootloader Mode. You can also obtain device information, unlock user locks, perform factory resets, and fix Mi Account relock issues.


For Qualcomm devices, VG Tool 3.1 allows you to remove user locks and FRP locks on supported models.


VG Tool 3.1 supports a wide range of Vivo models, You can unlock user locks and FRP locks on many devices.


If you own an Oppo device, VG Tool 3.1 offers support for models. You can remove FRP locks and perform various functions like firmware flashing and info checking.


Realme devices are also compatible with VG Tool 3.1. You can remove user locks and FRP locks on many models.


VG Tool 3.1 supports Huawei models like Huawei Y6 Prime, HONOR 7A, Huawei Y7 Pro 2019, and more. You can enable ADB, and remove FRP and ID locks using ADB functions.


There are lots of functions you can perform on an MTK base device, simply install and try the tool.

Features VG Tool:


  • Bootloader Unlock Qualcomm

[Fastboot Bootloader Mode]

  • Device info
  • Bootloader Unlock 1, 2

[Userlock Remove From Sideload]

  • Device info
  • Factory Reset
  • Mi Account Relock Fix


Userlock and FRP Remove -

[Supported Models]


  • VIVO iQOO 3 PD1955
  • VIVO iQOO 5 PD2024
  • VIVO iQ00 7 PD2049
  • VIVO iQ00 7L PD2055
  • VIVO iQOO NEO PD1936
  • VIVO iQOO NE03 PD1981
  • VIVO iQOO PD1824
  • VIVO iQOO PRO PD1916
  • VIVO iQOO U1 PD2023
  • VIVO iQOO U1X PD2065
  • VIVO NEX PD1805
  • VIVO NEX2 PD1821F
  • VIVO NEX3 PD1924F
  • VIVO S1 PD1945GF
  • VIVO S1 PRO PD1945CF
  • VIVO S1 PRO PD1945F
  • VIVO S5 PD1932
  • VIVO V7 PD1718F
  • VIVO V7 PLUS PD1708F
  • VIVO V9 PD1730BF
  • VIVO V9 PD1730CF
  • VIVO V9 PD1730
  • VIVO V9 PD1730BF
  • VIVO V9 PD1730CF
  • VIVO V9 PD1730
  • VIVO V11 PD1806
  • VIVO V11 PRO PD1814F
  • VIVO V15 PRO PD1832F
  • VIVO V19 NEO PD1948
  • VIVO V19 PD1969F
  • VIVO V20 2021 PD2067F
  • VIVO V20 PD2039F
  • VIVO V20 PRO PD2020F
  • VIVO V20 SE PD2038CF
  • VIVO X60 PRO PD2059F
  • VIVO Y9s PD1945F
  • VIVO Y11s PD2024
  • VIVO Y11-Y12i PD1930F
  • VIVO Y12a 2021y
  • VIVO Y11-Y12i PD1930F
  • VIVO Y12a 2021y
  • VIVO Y12s-Y12a PD2060
  • VIVO Y20A PD2060F
  • VIVO Y20T PD2093F
  • VIVO Y27 PD1410F
  • VIVO Y31 PD2050F
  • VIVO Y31L PD1505F
  • VIVO Y35 PD1502F
  • VIVO Y50 PD1965F
  • VIVO Y27 PD1410F
  • VIVO Y31 PD2050F
  • VIVO Y31L PD1505F
  • VIVO Y35 PD1502F
  • VIVO Y50 PD1965F
  • VIVO Y55s PD1613BF
  • VIVO Y65 PD1621BF
  • VIVO Y70 PD2038F
  • VIVO Y85 - V9 Youthy85
  • VIVO Y91-93-95 PD1818
  • VIVO Z1 PRO PD1911F
  • VIVO V9
  • VIVO Y91 PD1811


  • OPPO A37
  • OPPO A37F
  • OPPO A37FW
  • OPPO R9S
  • A11s PDVM00
  • A32 PDVM00
  • A33 CPH2137
  • A53 CPH2127
  • A53s CPH2139
  • A53s CPH2135
  • A73 CPH2099
  • A74 CPH2219
  • A76 CPH2375
  • A95 CPH2365
  • F17 CPH2095
  • F19 CPH2219
  • F19s CPH2223
  • RENO 3 PRO 5G CPH2009
  • RENO 4 4G CPH2113
  • RENO 4 5G CPH2091
  • RENO 4 PRO 5G
  • RENO 5 4G CPH2159
  • RENO 5 5G CPH2145
  • RENO 6 CPH2235
  • RENO 6 LITE CPH2365
  • RENO 7 CPH2363


  • REALME 7i RMX2103
  • REALME 9 RMX3521
  • REALME 9i RMX3941
  • REALME C15 RMX2195
  • REALME C17 RMX2101
  • REALME X3 RMX2081
  • REALME X50 5G


  • Huawei Y6 Prime(ATU L42)
  • HONOR 7A(AUM-AL10)
  • HONOR 7A(AUM-AL20)
  • Huawei Y7 Pro 2019(DBU-LX2)
  • Huawei Y7 Pro 2019(DBU-L22)


  • Format Userdata (New Model)
  • Safe Format (Old Model)
  • OPPO F1s (and many oppo models)
  • Write Userdata (Fix oppo auto recovery)
  • Reset Frp lock (Google account lock)
  • Erase Samsung FRP Lock
  • Xiaomi Account Bypass
  • Bootloader Unlock , Relock Bootloader
  • Auth Bypass
  • Fix Dm - Verification
  • Flash Userdata (When pop-up windows is open select a userdata file from firmware folder)
  • Mi Account Bypass Note 4 and Note 3


  • Read info
  • Enable ADB New
  • Enable ADB Old
  • Remove FRP Lock


  • Format Userdata (New Models)
  • Erase Samsung FRP Lock

Qualcomm (FRP LOCK Removed):-

  • Galaxy A01
  • Galaxy A02S
  • Galaxy A11
  • Galaxy M11
  • Galaxy A11
  • Manual Loader Select and Remove FRP Lock From Qualcomm Device [Important device must boot on EDL mode - Not working in download mode]

[ADB - Huawei ID and FRP]

  • Enable EDB
  • Remove FRP \\ ID Lock

ADB Functions:-

  • Check Device
  • Read Info
  • Reboot in normal
  • Reboot to recovery
  • Reboot to bootloader
  • Reboot to EDL
  • Reboot to Download
  • FRP Removed
  • Factory Reset


Firmware flashing

Check info:-

  • Check device
  • Reboot to normal
  • Reboot to EDL
  • Check Xiaomi Info
  • Check Huawei Info
  • Check VIVO Info
  • Fix DM- Verification 1
  • Fix DM- Verification 2
  • Fastboot Set Active a
  • Fastboot Set Active b

Twrp Flashing in fastboot - select a twrp img file and boot the device to fastboot and click on the flash button.


After Removed Flyme Account just Connect Wifi to your Device and if it will ask you again to enter the password of Flyme account but do not worry just type random words and continue 

MediaTek Device:-

  • Meizu All Model Uselock Remove
  • Meizu All Model FRP Lock Remove
  • Meizu M3 Note Flyme account remove
  • Meizu M3s Flyme Account Remove
  • Meizu M5 Note Flyme Account Remove
  • Meizu M8 lite Flyme Account Remove
  • Meizu V8 Flyme Account Remove
  • Meizu V8 Pro Flyme Account Remove

[MTK Error Fix]

Mi IMEI Fix:-

  • Redmi 9 prime
  • Redmi 9A / 9T / 9i
  • Redmi note 8 Pro
  • Redmi Note 9 / 10X 4G
  • Redmi Note 11 4G
  • Erase Network partiton (Not Risk)
  • Erase NV

Download Note Completed Error Fix:-

  • OPPO A83 CPH1729
  • A73s \Realme 1\ F7 Youth CPH1859 
  • Oppo A5s (AX5s) CPH1909
  • OPPO F11 CPH1911
  • Oppo Alk CPH1923
  • OPPO F11 Pro CPH1969 
  • Oppo Reno 2F CPH1989
  • Oppo F15 CPH2001
  • OPPO A31 CPH2015
  • OPPO Reno 3Pro CPH2035
  • OPPO A12 CPH2083
  • OPPO A93 CPH2121
  • OPPO A15 CPH2185
  • OPPO A16 CPH2269
  • ОРРО А9 РСАМ10
  • OPPO F19 Pro CPH2285
  • Realme 3 RMX1821
  • Realme C2 RMX1941
  • Realme C3 RMX2020
  • Realme 6i RMX2040
  • Realme C11 RMX2185
  • Realme C12 RMX2189
  • Realme C21 RMX3201


Put Your Device in 9008 Mode

Autoloader select always - if you need to manually add loader deselect autoloader and choose loader from pc

Choose firmware and flash it

What's new

  1. Free release for all
  2. keygen added
  3. New fresh setup
  4. Minor key generates error fix

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive (important)
  3. Ensure you have disabled the antivirus before running the installation
  4. Next, open the folder and install the setup file with some basic instruction
  5. Run the "VG 3.1.exe"
  6. Open the keygen and generate the key
  7. Next, open the notepad paste the generated key, and add a minus (-) like these starting from the 18-number word
  8. now copy the notepad key and paste the key on VG Tool 3.1 windows and activate the tool.
  9. Next, you can install all drivers if you already installed skip this step
  10. Connect the phone and try to do any function
  11. Enjoy !!!

Download Links:


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: VG Tool is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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