Download Pandora Box New Version V5.10 (18.09.2023)

Pandora Box New Version V5.10 Latest Update Today (18-09-2023)

The Pandora Box, a popular tool used by users, just released Version 5.10. This update matters for everyone who is operating a smartphone because it offers lots of updates and more help. 

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Fixed bugs and added features

SCAT's flashing problem has been solved, and now users use the tool without any error or flashing operations. Set KG state (Sams) in Preloader Mode rectified, streamlining the process of servicing certain Samsung devices.

Extended Device Support

Nokia C02 models TA-1460, TA-1501, and TA-1522.
Ulefone Note 16 Pro and Tecno Pop 5C W5006S.
Sigma TAB A1010 Neo, TAB A1020, X-STYLE S3502, X-STYLE S5502, Dexp Ursus S470 MIX, Ursus S570 MIX, Ursus S670 MIX, Ursus S770, and Ursus S770i.

Infinix, Tecno, and Realme Devices Galore

A multitude of Infinix, Tecno, and Realme devices were added, including various Spark, Camon, Pova, and Note series phones.
Bootloader management, FRP erasure, and IMEI repairs are supported for these devices.

Unlock Regional Lock for Realme

Realme users can now unlock the regional lock for several Realme models, including RMX3830, RMX3760, RMX3761, and RMX3762.

Samsung Phones in Preloader Mode

Pandora Box V5.10 now supports select Samsung phones in Preloader mode, allowing technicians to perform various tasks on these devices.

Vortex ZTAB10 and Nokia Unisoc Firmware Updates

Support for the Vortex ZTAB10 and an option to update firmware for Nokia Unisoc phones directly from the rom.json file are included.

Enhanced User Experience

Phone information (phone_info.txt) is now saved into the dump folder for Mediatek devices.
The backup folder name for Mediatek devices now contains the model name, making it easier to organize and manage backups.


Offering large device support, bug advances, and new features, Pandora Box V5.10 is an important tool for repairing mobile devices. For users who have Pandora Box Online Activation, it provides a useful and box-free option.

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