MTKController A small tool for tuning the MTK Dimensity series processor performance.

MTKController v1.1 is an Android tool app designed with an MD2 UI to adjust memory and GPU frequency and schedule on Mediatek Dimensity 8000/9000 series processors. It requires root permissions and uses shell commands, featuring automatic night mode. This version includes a refreshed app icon, added support for GPU frequency and scheduling adjustments, expanded memory frequency and CPU scheduling support, and optimized package size by removing unnecessary dependencies.

MTKController v1.1 Features:

  • Memory and GPU Adjustment:

    • Adjust memory, GPU frequency, and scheduling for Mediatek Dimensity 8000/9000 series processors.
    • Requires root permissions and uses shell commands.
  • User Interface:

    • MD2 UI design.
    • Automatic night mode theme switching.
  • New Features:

    • New app icon.
    • GPU frequency adjustment support.
    • GPU scheduling adjustment support.
  • Enhancements:

    • Expanded memory frequency adjustment support.
    • Expanded CPU scheduling adjustment support.
    • Removal of unnecessary dependencies to optimize package size.

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