Fastboot Flasher v3-20240610 Open Source

Fastboot Flasher New Tool (Different Method For Flash)

Fastboot Flasher is a tool developed to make flashing TWRP, boot images, and ROMs on Android devices simple and secure. It offers users of all levels with an easy-to-use interface. Automatic directory setup, ROM flashing, boot image flashing with Magisk support, verification, and error handling to ensure an error-free procedure are some of the key features. Place the images in the appropriate folder, connect your device to fastboot mode, and launch the installer. Flash your device by following the instructions on the screen.

Fastboot Flasher v3-20240610


  • Simplifies and secures the process of flashing ROMs, boot images, and TWRP on Android devices.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experts.


Working Directory Setup:

  • Automatically creates necessary directories (images) if not already present.
  • Directory Structure:
    • Any Folder
      • installer.bat
      • tools
        • platform-tools (extracted platform tools)
      • images
        • Place the required images here

Boot Image Flashing:

  • Easily flash Magisk or default boot images.
  • Automatically detects magisk_boot.img and boot.img in the images folder.
  • Naming Conventions:
    • magisk_boot.img for Magisk patched boot image
    • boot.img for default boot image

ROM Flashing:

  • Simple selection process to flash ROMs.
  • Automatically detects ROM images in the images folder.
  • Naming Conventions:
    • apusys.img
    • audio_dsp.img
    • ccu.img
    • dpm.img
    • dtbo.img
    • gpueb.img
    • gz.img
    • lk.img
    • logo.img (optional)
    • mcf_ota.img
    • mcupm.img
    • md1img.img
    • mvpu_algo.img
    • pi_img.img
    • preloader_xaga.bin
    • scp.img
    • spmfw.img
    • sspm.img
    • tee.img
    • vcp.img
    • vbmeta.img
    • vbmeta_system.img
    • vbmeta_vendor.img
    • super.img
    • cust.img (optional)

Verification and Error Handling:

  • Ensures availability of required images before proceeding.
  • Displays error message and missing images list if required images are not present:
    • "Some required images are missing!"
  • Asks to continue flashing process with available images if some are missing:
    • "Some required images are missing. Do you want to continue anyway?"
    • Type "yes" to continue or anything else to return to the main menu.



  • Connect your Android device in fastboot mode.
  • Place the required images in the images folder.
  • Run the installer.bat file.
  • Follow on-screen instructions.

Flashing Process:

  • Choose an option from the main menu:
    1. Flash ROM
    2. Additional Options
    3. Exit / Reboot
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for the selected option.

Important Notes

  • Ensure boot images and ROM images are placed in the images folder before starting the flashing process.
  • Refer to the Usage section for a step-by-step guide on flashing.

Support and Community

  • Join the XAGA Community for updates and support.
  • Report issues to @Jefino9488.


  • Self-developed software to make the flashing process easy and secure. Use at your own risk.

Thank You

  • Thank you for choosing Fastboot Flasher. Happy flashing!

Download Link

  • File name: Fastboot Flasher v3-20240610
  • File Size: 12.8 MB
  • Developer: Jefino9488
  • Source: GitHub
  • Free or Paid: FREE
  • Download Link:  CLICK HERE


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