OPPO A93 (CPH2121) Fix Download Not Complete

OPPO A93 (CPH2121) Fix: Download Not Complete

Using this guide you can fix the problem on your OPPO A93 CPH2121 is present "Download Not Complete".

Unlock Tool Steps

  1. Download the Unlock Tool

    • Ensure you have valid login information.
  2. Prepare for the Fix

    • Open the unlock tool interface.
    • Navigate to MediaTek > MTK Universal.
  3. Load Firmware Info

    • Click on the "Firmware info" button to load all partitions of the OPPO A93.
    • Ensure your device is connected to the computer in switched-off mode (no need to press any boot key).
  4. Identify the Partition

    • Once all partitions are loaded, search for the "oppo_custom" partition.
    • Right-click on the "oppo_custom" partition.
  5. Write the New File

    • Click on "Write to [opo_custom:1 MiB]".

    • Browse for the new file, which you can download from here.
  6. Complete the Process

    • Select the oppo_custom.bin file.

    • The tool will start writing the file to your device.
    • Once the process is complete, your device should be fixed and working normally.

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