Ultimate NCK Huawei Flasher v0.125 Free Download (Only For honor, Huawei Mobile)

UMT NCK Huawei Flasher v0.125 Without Dongle Method Include

Since most Huawei phones are Android-based, you can customize these phones to a great extent. What we mean by great extent is that you can remove the stock apps, flash new versions of Android, and even overclock the CPU of your device. In order to all of this, you are going to need an NCK Huawei Flasher v0.125.

A flash tool is a software that allows you to flash, also known as install, various custom files on your device. There are a ton of files like that on the Internet that you can download and then flash Huawei phones with it.
Using a tool to flash a Huawei phone is not that difficult. Also, you have several tools to do the task so you can choose the one that you think is the easiest for you.

What's new Huawei Flasher V0.125

  1. - Learning More Algo for Version List (list).
  2. - Version Bypass.
  3. - Downgrade & upgrade ALGO improved.
  4. - Phone reboot after flashing fixed.
  5. - Added FRP files for bypassing in the support area.
  6. - Option to save version list file on the server.
  7. -- These files will be used by software with the next flashing automatically.

Useful info:

In order to make version downgrade or firmware change server must know the current version of your phone.

Part of the versions is uploaded to the server.

Other/missing versions will be uploaded while programming phones automatically.

If there are problems with Downgrade or downgrade does not work

be sure that you select "update Verlist to the server on file load" and all firmware files that fit your phone are uploaded to the software before the downgrade.

The firmware which you require must be uploaded after that.



If you are looking to get your Huawei phone flashed, there are multiple tools available to do the task. Each of the tools has a different way of doing the task but ultimately they all give you the same result.

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  1. After instalation, how to login into program? whats the user name and password?


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