Pandora’s Box 2.9 Update | New OPPO IMEI Repair Supported Now !

Download Pandora’s Box 2.9 Update New Version Tool

Z3x Team presents a brand new tool for its users “Pandora Box”. This tool is made to deal with MediaTek Devices for repair purposes. The latest version of Pandora box v2.9 has been released. Download the latest version setup for Pandora box.
In Beginning, this tool is only for MediaTek phones including OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other Chinese brands. We will share a complete setup for the Pandora box and help with how to install it.

Pandora Box is a new exclusive tool for the public in 2021 but its beta version was already released for beta testers about 2 years ago. They already added MTK Exploit for OPPO Vivo models but haven’t released a public version. Now the Team is working at Peak hours to update this tool and provide a lot of new and unique features for its users.

Z3X Pandora Tool is a powerful instrument for working with many phones and tablets based on Mediatek chipsets. It is developed according to the latest needs and trends. This product has a powerful hardware part that is built into a sturdy aluminum box. Cables and power adapters of top-notch quality are included. The software part is optimized to use with high-definition monitors. The user interface is simple and intuitive, it's easy to work with.

This equipment allows you to configure the connection to the devices at the maximum possible port speeds.

The software has auto-update algorithms and gives permission to support areas with a lot of flash files for many vendors.


  • Most MCU types are already supported by Pandora’s Box.
  • Easy for adding something new: phone or function.
  • Just create an exact request with maximum details such as:
  • MCU, phone/tablet model, firmware version etc.
  • A function added to current models (Read Flash Info, Read Partitions, Read OTP, IMEI, CODES, Dump Flash by region, Dump Flash by address, Read OTP, Format Selected Area, Erase FRP, Unlock network, Read Codes, Repair, Restore From Backup, Backup RPMB, Read Codes, Unlock And Relock Bootloader (without wipe data)),

Changelog !!!

Added Repair IMEI (with automatic patch CERT) function for such OPPO phones:

  • CPH1717 Oppo A71
  • CPH1723 Oppo F5
  • CPH1725 Oppo F5 Youth / A73
  • CPH1727 Oppo F5
  • CPH1729 Oppo A83
  • CPH1819 Oppo F7
  • CPH1821 Oppo F7
  • CPH1823 Oppo F9
  • CPH1825 Oppo F9
  • CPH1827 Oppo A83
  • CPH1835 Oppo R15
  • CPH1837 Oppo A3
  • CPH1859 Oppo F7 Youth
  • CPH1881 Oppo F9
  • CPH1909 Oppo A5s
  • CPH1911 Oppo F11
  • CPH1912 Oppo A5s
  • CPH1913 Oppo F11
  • CPH1920 Oppo AX5S
  • CPH1923 Oppo A1K
  • CPH1938 Oppo A9
  • CPH1945 Oppo Reno2 Z
  • CPH1951 Oppo Reno2 Z
  • CPH1969 Oppo F11 Pro
  • CPH1979 Oppo Reno Z
  • CPH1987 Oppo F11 Pro
  • CPH1989 Oppo Reno2 F
  • CPH2001 Oppo F15
  • CPH2015 Oppo A31
  • CPH2021 Oppo A91
  • CPH2029 Oppo A31
  • CPH2031 Oppo A31
  • CPH2035 Oppo Reno3 Pro
  • CPH2036 Oppo Reno3 Pro
  • CPH2037 Oppo Reno3 Pro
  • CPH2039 Oppo F11 Pro
  • CPH2063 Oppo F11 Pro
  • CPH2065 Oppo Reno4 Z 5G
  • CPH2071 Oppo A11k
  • CPH2073 Oppo A31
  • CPH2077 Oppo A12
  • CPH2081 Oppo A31
  • CPH2083 Oppo A12
  • CPH2119 Oppo F17 Pro
  • CPH2121 Oppo A93
  • CPH2123 Oppo A93
  • CPH2125 Oppo Reno4 Lite
  • CPH2161 Oppo A73 5G
  • CPH2179 Oppo A15s
  • CPH2185 Oppo A15
  • CPH2203 Oppo A94
  • CPH2205 Oppo Reno5 Lite
  • CPH2217 Oppo Reno5 F
  • CPH2239 Oppo A54
  • CPH2269 Oppo A16
  • CPH2271 Oppo A16s
  • CPH2273 Oppo A54s
  • CPH2275 Oppo A16
  • CPH2285 Oppo F19 Pro
  • CPH2325 Oppo A55
  • PAAT00 Oppo R15
  • PACM00 Oppo R15
  • PACT00 Oppo R15
  • PADM00 Oppo A3
  • PADT00 Oppo A3
  • PBBM00 Oppo A7x
  • PBBT00 Oppo A7x
  • PCAM10 Oppo A9
  • PCAT10 Oppo A9
  • PCDM10 Oppo Reno Z
  • PCDT10 Oppo Reno Z
  • PCKM70 Oppo Reno2 Z
  • PCKM80 Oppo Reno2 Z
  • PCKT00 Oppo Reno2 Z
  • PCPM00 Oppo A91
  • PCPT00 Oppo A91
  • PDBM00 Oppo A8
  • PDCM00 Oppo Reno3
  • PDCT00 Oppo Reno3
  • PDKM00 Oppo A92s
  • PDKT00 Oppo A92s
  • PEAT00 Oppo Reno4 SE
  • PECM30 Oppo A53 5G
  • PECT30 Oppo A53 5G
  • PEFM00 Oppo A35
  • PERM00 Oppo K7x

New Sigma phones added for support:

  • X-TREME PQ38
  • X-TREME PQ39
  • X-TREME PQ37
  • X-TREME PQ54
  • X-TREME PQ54 Max
  • X-TREME PQ53
  • X-TREME PQ14
  • X-TREME PQ20
  • X-TREME PQ16
  • X-TREME PQ23
  • X-TREME PQ24
  • X-TREME PQ25
  • X-TREME PQ26
  • X-TREME PQ28
  • X-TREME PQ29
  • X-TREME PQ31
  • X-TREME PQ52
  • X-STYLE S5501
  • X-STYLE TAB A101
  • X-STYLE TAB A102
  • X-STYLE TAB A103
  • X-STYLE TAB A104

New Ulefone phones added for support:

  • Armor 8 Pro
  • Armor X8i
  • Armor X9
  • Armor X9 Pro
  • Note 11P
  • Note 13P
  • Power Armor 13

New UMI phones added for support:

  • UMI London
  • UMI Diamond
  • UMI Diamond X New
  • UMI Diamond X Old
  • UMI Emax
  • UMI Fair
  • UMI Hammer
  • UMI Hammer S
  • UMI Iron
  • UMI Iron Pro
  • UMI Max
  • UMI Plus
  • UMI Plus E
  • UMI Rome
  • UMI Rome X
  • UMI Super
  • UMI Touch
  • UMI Touch X

New Blackview phones added for support:

  • A100
  • BV6600 Pro

New TCL phones added for support:

  • A507DL

GUI changes:

Added sorting files for dump/write by name or address


Fixed showing backup directory in the history tab
Fixed unlock for Nokia TA-1218

How To Use?

1. Download Zip Extra Tool 7zip or Winrar.
2. Install 7zip or Winrar ON PC.
3. Right Click On The File.
4. Extract it 7zip or Winrar.


File Information:

File Name: Pandora’s Box 2.9 Uploaded By: Yogesh JoshiFile Size: 130 MB


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits: Pandora’s Box 2.9 is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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