APK Crypter Coded by DedSec: A Powerful Tool for Android RATs

APK Crypter Coded by DedSec: A Powerful Tool for Android RATs

Remote Access Trojans (RATs) have grown to be a crucial tool in the realm of cybercrime allowing hackers to take control of a victim's computer or mobile device. Due to the prevalence of Android devices, Android RATs in particular have grown significantly in popularity. Hackers employ a variety of methods to encrypt or obfuscate the RAT payload in order to avoid being detected by antivirus software and other security measures. APK Crypter, coded by DedSec, is a powerful tool designed to encrypt Android RATs and bypass anti-virus software.


APK Crypter offers a variety of features to help hackers evade detection and make their RAT payloads undetectable. This tool's primary characteristics include the following:

APK Crypter is simple to use with a wide range of alternative payloads because of its compatibility with all popular Android RATs.

Content optimization: APK Crypter optimizes the contents of APK, which makes the encrypted payload smaller and faster to execute.

Strong code obfuscation: To make it challenging for anti-virus software and other security measures to detect the RAT payload, the malware employs strong code obfuscation techniques.

Simple graphical interface: APK Crypter has a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface, making it accessible to even novice hackers.

Tested with Ahmyth RAT: The tool has been tested with the Ahmyth RAT, which is one of the most popular Android RATs in use today.


Using APK Crypter is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

In the Crypter panel, left-click on the three dots on the right side of the first input.

When prompted, choose the APK file you wish to encrypt.

You can choose the directory in which to save your encrypted APK file by repeating the process for the second input.

To begin the encryption procedure, click the "Crypt Now" button. The directory you chose will house your encrypted file.


In order to use APK Crypter, you'll need the following:

Windows with .NET framework installed.

Java JRE and Java JDK.

Before using APK Crypter, make sure that you have all the necessary system requirements installed. By launching the command prompt and entering "java.exe -version," you may also determine whether Java is installed on your system. The version number will appear if Java is installed.

Download Link:-

Install Java JDK here:
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Download APK Crypter

In conclusion, APK Crypter, coded by DedSec, is a powerful tool for hackers looking to encrypt Android RAT payloads and bypass anti-virus software. With its compatibility with popular Android RATs, powerful obfuscation techniques, and simple graphical interface, APK Crypter is a valuable tool for any hacker's toolkit. 

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