Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 Fully Offline By GCT Free Download 2024

Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 Fully Offline By GCT Pack Free 2024

I've written an article about πŸ’₯ Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 πŸ’₯, which is an all-in-one tool suitable for all users. This tool works on πŸ’» Windows computers πŸ’» and has been cracked by GCT (Global Cracking Team). The best part? It works offline, so you don't need to connect your computer to the internet πŸ’»πŸš«. All you need is a loader, which I've already added to the RAR file πŸ’Ύ.

What is Marvel GSM Tool?

For mobile workers and users who require a trusted and wide set of tools for maintaining and fixing any number of mobile devices, GCT Offline's Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 is open software. It makes the process of executing difficult tasks on numerous smartphones thanks to its user-friendly interface and a lot of features.

Features Marvel GSM Tool:

Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 CrackRead Full info
By GCT OfflineBypass Lock
More Adb Operations
Reboot To: Normal
More Commands
Check Root Reset FRP (old)
Reset FRP (New) Reset Lock
Factory Reset Factory Reset #2
I C Reboot Run APP: Settings
Open URL / Link:
Write URL / Link Here TOpen Via Adb Mode
Disable DM-Verityt
Enable Language Chinese (Simplified)
ADB (Need Root)
Enable Diag Mode
Reboot ADB TRoot Mode
Install MoreLocal
Backup All Apps
Fix Wireless Test Assistant
Backup WhatsApp Restore WhatsApp
Backup Storage
Restore Storage
FastbootRead info
Reboot RUU
Remove FRP #2
Lenovo FRP
Fastboot TEDL (Vivo)
Advanced Info
Reboot TRecovery
Remove FRP #3
Read Inf(Xiaomi)
Exit Fastboot
Erase Cache
Unlock Bootloader
Erase System
Factory Reset
Lock Bootloader
Erase Recovery
Xiaomi FRP
Vivo Remove Demo
Micromax FRP
Unlock Bootloader (Vivo)
Reboot EDL
Remove FRP #1
Full Erase
Remove FRP Moto
Relock Bootloader (Vivo)
Custom URL:
Direct URL
YouTube and more
Google Pixel
Start Bypass FRP
MTP QR Generator
MediaTek [Main]Format Userdata
Safe Format #1
Oppo Remove Demo
Erase Nvram & Nvdata
Dump All Partitions
Reset FRP
Safe Format #2
Unlock Bootloader
Read Preloader
Reset FRP (Samsung)
Full Reset (Format + FRP)
Safe Unlock Bootloader
Read OEM
Reset FRP (Huawei)
Bypass Mi Account
Relock Bootloader
Reset Huawei ID
Flash All Partitions From the Directory
Erase RPMB
Read Full Flash (.bin)
Reset FRP (Xiaomi)
Vivo Remove Demo
Dump GPT Backup
Restore OEM
Write Full Flash (.bin)
Write RPMB
MTK Partition ToolRead
MTK Flash Using SP Flash Tool Library
MTK Address Wise Format
User data
Persist for Xiaomi
MTK Bypass
Bypass (Method1) [Recommended]
Bypass Bootrom (Method2)
QualcommList Partitions
Factory Reset
EDL To Recovery
Flash XML
Reset FRP
Safe Flash
Disable Mi Account
Backup EFS
Bypass Mi Account
Reset EFS
Auto Reboot
Restore EFS
Reset / Clear All
QCN Editor
Apple [iDevice Operation]Read iDevice Info (Normal)
Enter Sleep Mode
Reboot To Recovery Mode
Read iDevice Info (Recovery mode)
Restart iDevice
Exit DFU
Exit Recovery
Shutdown iDevice
Flash IPSW
iDevice Firmware Download
SamsungFlash [BL / Boot, AP / Code, CP / Modem, CSC, USERDATA, PIT]
Clear / Reset All
Fix Check MD5 Fail
Exit Download Mode
Enter Download Mode
Custom Flash [ Boot Img, System Img, Recovery Img, Cache Img, Modem File, Userdata]
FRP & FIXRemove Security Notification
Fix Factory Mode
Bypass MDM
Bypass Knox
Fix Samsung S-Health
ADB Reset FRP (Old Method)
ADB Reset FRP (New Method)
New Devices ERP:
Reset FRP (Brom)
Reset FRP (EDL Mode)
More OperationMTP Operations:
Read MTP Info
Bypass MDM
Enable ADB
Factory Reset
Reboot Device
Convert tar to md5
Convert md5 to tar
Create ADB File
Make Enable Adb Boot
Remove Warning Logo
MTP FRP using custom URL
Direct URL or launch the default URL in the tool
XiaomiADB Read Full info
ADB Reset EFS (Mi)
ADB Reboot To Sideload
Fastboot To EDL #1
ADB Check Root
ADB Reboot To EDL #2
ADB Disable Mi Cloud
ADB Reboot To Normal
Enable Diag (No Root)
Exit (Fastboot To Normal)
Format All Data
Recovery ROM .ZIP
BROM ModeFactory Reset
Bypass Auth
Full Reset (Format + FRP)
Bypass Mi Account
Reset FRP
EDL OperationsCustom Loader
Select Model
Factory Reset
Reset EFS
Reset FRP
Reboot To Recovery
Bypass Mi Account
Reboot To Normal
Xiaomi PatcherXiaomi Mi Account Disable using system.img file, you need system.img file which your device is installed or running, you can read the system.img file and save it into PC, and in the Marvel tool, you can go to Xiaomi > Xiaomi Patcher option and load it. Once you have clicked on the "Start patch img," export a new img you can flash it using any tool and remove or disable your Mi account.
More Tool SectionTestpoint
Qualcomm 9008 Driver
Nokia MTK Driver
Huawei Drivers
Asus Drivers
Install ADB Driver
SPD I-JniSoc Driver
Samsung USB Driver
Huawei Driver (HiSuite)
LG Driver
C++ All In One Driver (Recommended)
Spd Sci Driver
Apple Driver "64bit" (iTunes)
HTC Driver (HTC Sync)
Oppo Drivers
Install UsbDK Driver (32Bit)
MTK All-In-One Driver
Apple Driver "32bit" (iTunes)
All HTC Drivers
Install MTP Driver
Install UsbDK Driver (64Bit)
IMEIGenerate IMEI Number
Firmware ExtractorOPPO [OFP, OZip]
Huawei [Marvel Update.APP Extractor]
Samsung [Marvel Tar & MD5 Extractor]
OnePlus [Marvel Ops Extractor]
Marvel LG Dz & Kdz Extractor
Marvel Pac Extractor

How To Use?

  1. Download the file on your computer from the below link
  2. Next extract the file content at c: drive
  3. Now open the loader "shree_ram.exe" as admin

  4. Once you can execute the loader next open a new window
  5. Nex simply clicks on the "START Marvel Tool Offline" button and the whole process is bypassed and the login window

  6. Next, disconnect the internet connection from the computer [it's important]
  7. Next, Click on the "Check account" and the next Login button will appear simply click on the Login
  8. Once the loader is successfully executed you can see the main screen of the tool
  9. Connect the mobile to pc and follow EGSM Tool instructions.
  10. Enjoy!

Download Links:

  • Marvel GSM Tool V7.3 Crack: Download [Link Updated]


Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.

Credits:  Marvel GSM Tool created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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