Download Xiaomi Utility Tool Latest Version [ENGLISH] -2023

Xiaomi Utility Tool is a versatile software tool that caters to the needs of Xiaomi device users. Developed with the integration of various toolkits like Google SDK Platform Tools and MTK Client, this tool provides a range of features to enhance the user experience. While the basic version of Xiaomi Utility Tool is available for free, certain advanced features require a paid subscription.

The latest version of Xiaomi Utility Tool, version 7.5.0, comes with several updates and improvements.  Additionally, the Unbrick Snapdragon feature, which allows users to recover their devices in case of software issues, has been fixed to provide better functionality.

Features Xiaomi Utility Tool:

One Click Device Optimization: 

With just a single click, users can optimize their Xiaomi devices to improve performance and enhance overall system speed. This feature helps remove unnecessary files, clear cache, and optimize system resources for a smoother user experience.

App Management: 

Xiaomi Utility Tool allows users to uninstall or install apps directly from their devices. This feature is particularly useful for managing storage space and keeping devices clutter-free. Users can also activate or force-stop apps to control their behavior and optimize system resources.

Flash Recovery: 

In case of a software issue or the need to install a custom recovery, Xiaomi Utility Tool provides a convenient option to flash recovery files. This feature enables users to install custom recoveries like TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) and gain additional control over their devices.

Flash Fastboot ROM: 

Xiaomi Utility Tool facilitates the flashing of Fastboot ROMs onto Xiaomi devices. Fastboot ROMs are official firmware packages provided by Xiaomi, and this feature allows users to update their devices or switch to different MIUI versions with ease.

Fix Slow Notifications: 

Slow or delayed notifications can be frustrating, but Xiaomi Utility Tool offers a solution. This feature helps troubleshoot and resolve notification issues, ensuring timely delivery of notifications from various apps and services.

Backup and Restore: 

Xiaomi Utility Tool provides a convenient backup and restore feature, allowing users to safeguard their important data. Users may just restore backups of their personal data, apps, and device settings if required.

ADB Sideload File Zip: 

Advanced users can utilize the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) sideload feature to install ZIP files on their Xiaomi devices. This is particularly useful for flashing custom ROMs, mods, or any other ZIP-based files.

Install File APK: 

Xiaomi Utility Tool simplifies the installation of APK files. Users don't need to upload files from a computer or use third-party apps because they may instantly install APK files from their devices.

Unbrick Snapdragon: 

The Unbrick Snapdragon feature provides a solution for Xiaomi devices powered by Snapdragon processors that have encountered software issues, rendering the devices unresponsive. Xiaomi Utility Tool assists in restoring these devices, making them operational again.

Advanced Settings: 

Xiaomi Utility Tool grants users access to advanced settings and options, allowing them to customize various aspects of their Xiaomi devices. This feature provides greater control over system configurations and enables users to personalize their device experience.

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Xiaomi Utility Tool offers a comprehensive set of features to optimize and enhance the functionality of Xiaomi devices. From device optimization to app management, firmware flashing to backup and restore options, this tool provides a range of functions that cater to the diverse needs of Xiaomi users. Whether you are a casual user or an advanced enthusiast, Xiaomi Utility Tool serves as a valuable utility for managing and enhancing your Xiaomi device.

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