[FREE] EPSON L Series New Resetter - A Solution for Fixing Blinking Red Light Issues

EPSON L Series New Resetter: A Solution for Fixing Blinking Red Light Issues


If you own an EPSON L Series printer and have been experiencing issues with a blinking red light indicating a full ink absorber, we have great news for you. EPSON has released a new resetter program that can help you resolve this problem without the need for costly repairs or visits to service centers. We will provide you all the information you need about the software in this article and guide you via how to use is properly.

EPSON Ink Absorber Cleaning Program

Supported Models: 

  • EPSON L1218, 
  • EPSON L1258, 
  • EPSON L1259, 
  • EPSON L3218, 
  • EPSON L3219, 
  • EPSON L3251, 
  • EPSON L3253, 
  • EPSON L3255, 
  • EPSON L3256, 
  • EPSON L3258, 
  • EPSON L3266, 
  • EPSON L3267, 
  • EPSON L3268, 
  • EPSON L3269, and L5298. 

This program is available for free download and can be used to address various issues related to ink absorber full notifications, blinking lights, and printer malfunctions.

Instructions for Using the Program

To begin using the EPSON ink absorber cleaning program, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your EPSON L Series printer to a computer or notebook using a USB cable.
  2. Download the EPSON L Series Adjustment Program (ECC) from a reliable source. Ensure that you download the correct version compatible with your printer model.
  3. Launch the program on your computer and select your printer model.
  4. Choose the USB port corresponding to your printer (e.g., Port USBxxxx(Lxxx)). Avoid selecting the "Port AUTO" option.
  5. Select the specific topic related to ink absorber cleaning. Tick the appropriate options, such as "waste ink pad" and "main pad counter" (some models may have multiple options). Select all applicable options and press "initialize."
  6. Restart your printer (Click on power button off printer). If the green light turns on, it indicates that the ink absorber has been successfully cleared. Remove the printer driver, switch the printer off and back on, and continue the step if the issue if exists.

Benefits and Functions

The EPSON ink absorber cleaning program offers several benefits and functions that can help resolve common printer issues. These include:

  • Solving the symptom of the ink absorber being full or the blinking light alternately.
  • Ensuring proper ink flow within the printer.
  • Resolving printouts with distorted colors.
  • Performing a power cleaning of the printhead.
  • Checking for printer malfunctions and diagnosing issues.

Download Link

RAR Password:-  sbz

First time execute program password:-


The EPSON L Series New Resetter is a valuable tool for resolving blinking red light issues caused by a full ink absorber in EPSON L Series printers. With the Ink Absorber Cleaning Program, you can easily clear the ink absorber and restore your printer's functionality. By following the provided instructions, you can address common printer problems without the need for professional assistance or expensive repairs. Download the program today and enjoy the convenience of a fully functioning EPSON printer once again.

Please note: While the EPSON ink absorber cleaning program can effectively solve most ink absorber issues, in rare cases where the ink absorber box is completely full, it may be necessary to purchase a new ink absorber box and replace it.

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